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It’s for a Worthy Cause

Filed under : Webcams

There’s no denying that the live cam genre has not just seen a major revival but that it is positively booming. The lockdowns caused by the Covid19 pandemic has only lended a further hand in that it almost doesn’t matter if you don’t support porn in general, as this gives people of desperately need the money the opportunity to earn some while it provides others stuck at home with more entertainment options and inadvertently the opportunity to support those who need the cash.

It really is just win-win if you’re able to get your head out your ass. That said, those with their heads firmly lodged up their asses aren’t reading this.

Here’s a 50 tokens free discount to Stripchat for those who’d like to take advantage of that since it really doesn’t get any cheaper than free while the performers who you spend your free tokens on will actually gain the full benefit of it, so if you’ve ever needed a worthy cause to support porn and perhaps even make yourself feel better about it, here it is.

And here are even more webcam discounts.

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