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How not to geek out around live cam girls

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A lot of guys like to think that they’re tough. A lot of guys like to put on a show in front of other guys. You know what I’m talking about. They like to project that they’re cool, calm and collected and self-confident. Well, you only need to put live nude girls in front of a guy to truly get a window into his character. I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you, but despite all the rough and tough exteriors, most guys are babies deep down inside.

That’s what they are. They are weak like gelatin inside. They can’t help, but pop a boner when they see a live woman in front of them. This is especially true if that woman is somehow, some way attractive. Even ugly women would turn them on. In fact, if you talk to a guy that is young enough, and I’m talking about around 18 years old, even the sound of a woman’s voice can get him excited.

There is a guy in my old fraternity in California with the nickname of Two Stroke Dave. He got that nickname because during the fraternity party, this chick just gave him two strokes and he ejaculated all over the place. It seems like he had a gallon of semen stored and it was his job to repaint a door or something. It was embarrassment. It also made for funny reunion stories all these years.

So, I’m telling you this story because it so easy to geek out around live nude girls (just have a look at some of the beauties over at It’s so easy to just blow your wad. This really is bad news if you’ve spent 50 dollars on a full show. So how do you keep calm and collected with such a show? Very easy: think that they are clothed. It really is that simple.

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